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What we do

At People Perform we understand that learning happens in a variety of ways. Training with us, you will be taken on a journey of personal discovery. Using coaching language and behaviours, together with positive reinforcement we build confidence, focus attention and shape behaviour.

Our Train the Coach Programme is a unique offering of knowledge, resources, tools and techniques that encourages experience and practice.

Facilitated by professionally accredited Coaches this learning journey embraces the philosophy and values of building a coaching ethos within your organisation. 


Amazing benefits

Focussing on the personal development of the participants, our unique training experience offers a multitude of benefits to both the individual and their organisation. Great coaches will live and breathe their trade. It is not simply a vocation it is a calling. Effective coaching comes through the creation of an environment, supportive and without judgment and is a skill that simply cannot be learnt through information alone. Our training programme combines the importing of knowledge, professional resources, demonstration of coaching behaviours, personal experience and practice. 


The programme

The training programme is spread over a 4-month period. 3 two-day workshops plus access to our  online portal of resources and mentoring throughout. With support and feedback from your Personal Coaching Supervisor, candidates will have the opportunity to practice their skills back in the workplace, whilst recording their learning progress.   

Please see below for modular content.


28th February & 1st March 2019


We begin with an introduction to the philosophy of coaching. The behaviours required to coach effectively. How learning to coach helps us to develop new and resourceful behaviours. We learn how to build confidence, focus attention and shape behaviour.

· Philosophy and principles of coaching. 

· An introduction to the core behaviours required to coach effectively. 

· The importance of positive reinforcement and the principles of Ask not Tell.

· The GROW model 

· Effective questioning 

· Listening skills for coaching 

· Goal Setting 


25th April & 26th April 2019


Our values and belief are what make us who we are. They are a powerful tool in coaching and run to our very core. To create change, build motivation and take action requires us to not only want it but to feel it too. Discovering what truly motivates us is the key to success. 

· Building belief 

· Developing resilience

· Communication in coaching 

· Our values and how they shape us

· Enhancing motivation

· Creating new behaviours

· Presentations


27th June & 28th June 2019


Together these 3 modules represent a solid foundation on which you will learn simple and effective coaching skills, to be used in the workplace. At people perform we recognise your individuality, talent and the needs of your organisation. This last module is an opportunity to set your action plan for the future. 

· Mentoring

· Action plans

· Building rapport

· Additional resources

· Workplace wellbeing initiatives 

· What next 

· Vision boards

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