Aiming Higher Talent program

The organisation

An American owned business with over 170000 employees in 150 countries globally. This program was run within the UK business unit. 

The challenge

Belonging to a U.S. business can have some enormous advantages, however within the talent pool at local country level the leadership team were looking for a effective way to manage & develop their talent . The team also had a focus on attracting and retaining talent within the local competitive market & identified talent development as a unique selling point to attract talent to the business & EVP

The outcome

We worked with the business to develop a 12 month program that identified and nurtured the talent within the business. Targets were set for talent pipelining in that 55% of promotional roles would be recruited internally and 45% would be filled through recruiting externally. Retention rates of the internal talent over each 12 month period sat at 97%. Through the process and delivery, talent manage

What did we do



As the job market was becoming more buoyant, the organisation recognised that it needed to focus on talent. Both attracting and retaining talent within the business. During the exploratory phase, it was quickly recognised that the focus and mind set around talent could also be developed to ensure that every level of management understood the definition of talent within the business, how to identif



Firstly we worked with the business to fully utilise the talent processes and gain understanding and buy in from managers in respects to identifying, managing and developing talent. Introducing a vertical approach to talent identification enabling the business to have a full view of emerging talent and succession pipeline throughout the business, from apprentice through to Country Director. 

The next challenge was to understand the blended learning offerings that could be offered to develop talent, where there were gaps in learning, we developed solutions to fit. This allowed us then to develop the full talent development program. 


Recommend and deploy

The Aiming Higher program was developed as a 12 month program following some research Kirsty had conducted that concluded a short program with little follow up for the participant had limiting results. The program included online 360 degree feedback, Hogan psychometric profiles, feedback coaching and development coaching throughout the program, workshops that helped the participant to discover their leadership styles, develop their professional brand, network with success,  hold a clear career discussion and develop strong development goals. The business was also keen to engage the participants in real time projects that impacted the business, we provided project management training and actively supported the teams in acquiring tangible recommendations to present to the leadership team for implementation.