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You've got everything in place to attract and develop the best people - now you need to protect your investment.

There are a multitude of factors which encourage employees to stay. People Perform work with you to understand where to focus and how to deliver.

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We work across the board, from developing a vision, mission and values to creating the environment for teams to perform well.


Supporting organisations to extract and analyse their attrition data, identify the trends and implement appropriate strategies to improve retention.


Onboarding starts from the moment a potential employee thinks about joining your organisation and continues with their integration within the company. We help you enhance this experience and accelerate performance.


From identifying the right engagement tools to developing managers and implementing clear action plans to improve.


Whether is is exploring performance management systems or enhancing the way teams work, we support organisations to create a high performance culture.


Whether you're going through change, looking to improve engagement or reinforcing culture, internal communications are critical to engaging your employees. People Perform help you create a clear communications strategy and deliver it effectively.

our delivery



The Organisation

A UK based manufacturer employing people across a number of sites. This organisation had high volume recruitment needs alongside a large turnover of staff in the first 12 months of employment. The client felt that improving the onboarding process would have a positive effect on new starters entering the organisation.

The Challenge

To create a simple, fun and informative onboarding process that could easily be adapted for each new starter. This required the onboarding documentation to be simple and produced in a format that everyone knew how to use. The process needed to include pre-employment onboarding up to first 90 days.

The Outcome

The project delivered:

  • A pre-employment welcome at point of contract signing 
  • A fun welcome guide sent to the new starter prior to employment
  • HR team training on onboarding and uses of the documents. This included a train-the-trainer session for future use
  • Reduction in 12-month attrition by increasing the focus on getting the circumstances and environment ready for success.



The Organisation

A manufacturing company employing around 2,000 people who wanted to understand the reasons people were leaving the company. This business employed people across various sites in the UK and attrition was fairly consistent amongst professional and hourly paid roles.

The Challenges

To understand why people were leaving the organisation it was useful that we were independent as we did not have preconceived ideas or perceptions why this was. It is important to start with data and we investigated this as part of the scoping of the project to get precise facts as well as opinion.

The Outcome

This project gave the organisation:

  • A data breakdown of attrition by level, site, job role and length of service as well as more company specific data points requested by the stakeholders.
  • Benchmarking against industry norms by location and job role.
  • Trend analysis via existing exit interviews data and follow-up calls with ex employees.
  • Analysis against established EVP offerings. This offered a simple traffic light system with suggested actions to improve.
  • Trend analysis off the feedback gained on leadership and organisation culture with suggested actions to improve.



The People

We have helped many people get another job. This has been part of large re-structuring or on an individual basis. 

We can assist those from £20k - £150k in finding the right job because as a team we have placed thousands of people over the years at these levels and across industries. 

The Challenges

Whether it's groups or individuals we have always prioritised and adapted due to the people sitting in front of us. The core of how we find jobs for others is our  6-step process:

  • Step 1: Agree goals
  • Step 2: Have a great CV
  • Step 3: Communicate your availability
  • Step 4: Find that job
  • Step 5: Skills to land the job
  • Step 6: Negotiate the best deal

You can view the steps in more detail at:

The Outcome

Our outplacement is special in 2 ways:

  1. All our outplacement team are former recruiters. This means we know the markets and, in addition, we never charge for a placement via our networks
  2. Step 4 contains links to over 700 company career pages; this is unique access which you will not find anywhere else.

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