My 15 Minutes

The organisation

A logistics business with an annual revenue of £312 million and over 3200 employees in the UK. 

The challenge

To create a culture of performance and engagement to enable clear focus and support change within a demanding, mobile and multi-site environment. Review current paperbased application and recommend future best practice performance management process and systems solution. The company has a combination of office and mobile employees, some with limited access to technology. 

The outcome

Recommendation to introduce regular check in meetings with an online system. 

Cost Benefit analsysis:

- Reduce voluntary attrition from 26% to 16% industry average with an annual saving of £1.1m

- Improve employee engagement that increases engagement with an annual revenue uplift of £1.7m for every 1 point improvement in engagement. 

- Reduced HR administration 


What did we do



Creating a project team with the support of HR and made up from people within the business, we set out to understand the current state of performance within the business and to establish  the future needs. Using questionnaires, communications groups and management feedback, whilst tracking current processes and application methods and utilisation. This also enabled us to gain buy in from every tier of management and employees for a new way of managing performance within the business as they felt part of the change through contributing their thoughts and ideas. 


Explore and test

Exploring best practice solutions and mapping these against the future needs of the organisation, a combination of online and cost effective solutions was sourced that could share data with current HR ssystems. Where it was impractical to use the online system, a paperbased system was designed to upload and track. This was tested with a small controlled group that was typical of the standard user. 


Recommend and deploy

The catching brand of 'My 15 Minutes' was created to remove the negative connotation that 'performance review' held! The process was simple and flexible, the manager simply arranges informal time over a coffee to talk to the employee about their role, how they are doing and real time objectives and potential blockers to success. A deployment action plan was created that combined online learning, webinars, face to face and communications campaign to embed and sustain the culture. 

Performance Management doesn't have to be scary or inflexible, make it work for your business, but one thing is for sure, it must fit with what you want it to do for your business and deploy it well!