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We run our talent development programmes both in public sessions and as internal programmes. Using a blended learning approach, the internal programmes can be changed and designed around your organisation. 

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Talent Perform 12 month development Programme

Feedback and Coaching

360 degree profiles, psychometric testing, feedback and ongoing coaching sessions & support

Facilitated workshops

Two x 2 day workshops that focus on developing talent traits and future potential

Online learning, forums and ebooks

Information available at the participants fingertips 24/7. Discussion forums to improve knowledge and know how. 

talent Programme content

360 & Psychometric testing


Using People Insights for the 360 degree feedback  and the Hogan HPI, HDS, MVPI + coaching report, we provide face to face coaching feedback and personal insights to support the learner in developing clear and relevant development goals, using development templates to start writing their goals in readiness for the future coaching sessions. 

One to one coaching


Using qualified and experienced talent coaches, we provide 4 one to one sessions working with the participant to identify derailers, create clear development goals and stay on track throughout the program. The learner will also have access to their coach throughout the program should they need support between coaching sessions. 

Workshop ONE


During this workshop, in addition to an overview of the program, topics include leadership styles, networking, communication and influencing skills and creating a solid development path. The learner will also be introduced to project management techniques and asked to consider their chosen work related project that they will focus on throughout the program. 

Workshop TWO


The first part of the 2 day workshop will ask the participants to reflect on their development so far, sharing experiences and discussing progress. A project update and discussion group will also take place. They will also learn about learning styles, continued professional development and focus on their professional brand. An industry expert will also be asked to join the group to talk about their experiences in business and the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Online Talent Toolkit & Forum


Participants will have access to a closed TalentPerform online talent toolkit. This will make tools available to them to support them in creating their own learning log, development goals, career plan, networking map, ebooks, access to reading lists and much more. Each group will participate in an online action set learning group, where they will be asked to research and discuss relevant topics throughout the program. 

Project Management support


Each participant will be asked to agree a business project with their company that they can focus on throughout the program. Support will be provided throughout the program during the coaching sessions and between if required, to support the success of the project. The project should be impactful and focus on the individuals next career move, to support them in developing their understanding of the business. The participant will develop project goals, action plans and state clear outcomes. 

Line manager guidance


The line managers and the companies support is critical to the success of the program. Each line manager will receive a Managers guide with an overview of the program and guidance on how they can support the participant throughout the program. This will form the contract between the manager and the individual to ensure both are clear on expectations, outcomes and support. 

Ongoing reporting to company


We know how important it is for the company to keep updated on talent development progress. We will provide periodic progress reports to the company, whilst this will not hold personal information, it will provide relevant detail for the company to understand the participants progress and support them in their journey. 



We want the participant and the company to celebrate success. This is a demanding program and a huge amount of effort will have been extended to the outcome. The participant will be asked in the first part of the day to reflect and share their progress to date with the group. They will also be asked 'what next' with the intention to develop a plan for next steps. We will finish with a project presentation and celebration. 

Talent Development Programme

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Talent Development Programme (pdf)