next course starts 9am, 26th February 2019 in market harborough, Leicestershire

Three hour breakfast workshops every two months for a year. Developing management capability through focused learning topics, group discussion, live challenge discussions, research and the ability to practice in the workplace between sessions. Setting clear development actions to accelerate learning. 

The management development experience

Action learning groups


This programme meets all learning styles from open discussion, some theory and tools, reading, research, practice in the work place and group solutioning. Members are encouraged to network and support each other between sessions, sharing ideas and best practice. This is ideal for managers who have one thing in common, the desire to develop their management capability and shine within their role. 

Focused development activites

Management development programme

Each module has been selected to focus on the manager as an all rounder, developing people and business capability. Using the session to focus on a particular topic followed by some time working as a team to solution real challenges in their workplace. Between sessions, the managers will be asked to research particular topics, network with their group and create development actions to achieve before the next meet. 

Spread over 12 months


Based in Rutland, the location lends itself to local managers from Leicester, Nottingham, Peterborough and Northampton and further if they choose. The 3 hour face to face workshops occur every 2 months amounting to 6 sessions throughout the year. Delivered in a location that takes them away from the day job and gets them focused with the support of an experienced facilitator. 

Management development programme content

My role as a manager


Understanding and defining the role as a manager combined with management styles, supports performance in role and flexibility in situations both with the team, peers and senior managers. Clarifying role expectations and applying management models can help develop a style that not only maintains authenticity but supports individuals in evolving as a manager. 

Engaging your teams


Never under estimate the power of employee engagement and how this impacts performance in the workplace. This module supports managers in understanding their impact of engagement, how their communication and style can influence engagement, combined with developing strategies to develop engagement and improve performance and retention of employees. 

Managing performance


Managing performance isn't just about managing poor performers and ticking a box for completing appraisals once or twice  a year! This module enables managers to focus on strategies to improve performance, identify performance levels before a reactive solution is required and drive impactful discussions to maintain performance within their teams. 

Attracting, interviewing and onboarding employees


This module provides valuable tools to attract, interview and onboard employees to ensure you are hiring the right people in the right way and protecting your employer brand. The onboarding element provides tools and processes to onboard employees effectively in to the organisation, accelerating their performance in to role and making sure you retain them for the future.  

Finance for non-financial managers


Our finance for non-financial managers supports the development of budgeting, understanding profit and loss and importantly creating a winning business case for investment with a focus on return on investment. Understanding the basics in financials will support the manager in understanding data and the need to use this in making decisions and planning ahead. 

Continually improving the workplace


In a fast paced world, we all have a role to play in improving what we do within the workplace. The manager has a responsibility in focusing on improvement whether this be process, work space, team performance and efficiencies or on a wider scale. This module supports managers in identifying areas to improve, creating actions and engagement to improve and tackling and reporting project progress. 

Add the HR essentials for £99 + VAT

One day HR essentials module


The HR essentials module provides up to date people management compliance, essential to anyone managing a team. This one day module covers performance management, absence management, disciplinary, grievance and investigations with the opportunity to talk to a HR professional about current challenges.