Iconnect - my job hub

The organisation

A multi billion dollar global engineering business, this solution was implemented within the UK business unit. 

The challenge

The business leadership team wanted to initiate a groundbreaking programme to support employees in developing workforce skills and leadership capabilities to boost business performance and better serve customers. The programme also needed to provide a career path and map skills and learning to enable employees the best opportunity to succeed in their chosen career. Current learning was perceived by employees as not being transparent, easy to access or time constraints prevented them from accessing. Leaders felt that employees needed to drive their own learning opportunities by the company providing easy access to learning. 

The outcome

A branded online learning portfolio branded as Iconnect My Job, providing a competency model,  career path, transparency job descriptions and linking learning to each role. Learning was accessed through an online portal created specifically that could be tracked, providing the business with relevant training data. A communications campaign was deployed to the employees. 

What did we do



We worked with the UK leadership team to investigate the current learning state and the benefits/outcomes they wanted to achieve through developing a learning culture. Leaders were looking to develop a solution that retained employees, improved engagement, enhanced capability, supported talent and enabled learning to be transparent and could be driven by the employee. The business also wanted to encourage employees to utilise a range of learning methods, not just focus on formal training delivery as the only learning platform. 


Creating the solution

The business had a range of learning and development offerings, however, it was sporadic in delivery, not always localised, difficult to find and limited in type. We created several project teams, that included identified talent participating on these teams and developed Iconnect My Job and packaged it as a one stop shop for learning and development. This included a Career Path Model holding job descriptions and competencies that were created specifically, a learning catalogue with an enhanced offer of learning and embedded messaging around the 70:20:10 learning model, completed with a request process that tracked training requests, delivery and outcomes. To embed this in to the organisation, we developed a clear communications campaign to create awareness and embed learning in to the business. 


The outcome

The customised online learning solution was a resounding success, the utilisation was over whelming and employees really felt a difference in the learning opportunities and future of their employment within the business. So much so, the business promoted it as part oif their Employee Value Proposition and differentiated themselves in the competitor market place by being the place to be for learning and career development! 

We are proud to say that this solution also won the INSPIRE Award for Best new learning implementation in 2015, against a shortlist of the BBC, Ricoh, Iomart and  the Bank of Ireland Group.