Improve how you hire

The organisation

A UK-wide distribution business with over 150 open vacancies and strong competition for talent via global brands and local SME's. 

The challenge

Whilst a fantastic organisation with great people our client has very similar pressures than almost every other business; finding great people. They operate in a challenging and fluid employment market. They compete against global brands and local SME’s. This adds a complexity that requires recruitment to be reactive and fast-paced whilst aware and plan for the potential impacts on TA strategy.

The outcome

Created a practical action orientated report in just 10 days that:

  • Re-wrote job adverts for all key positions;
  • Suggested new sourcing channels for hard to fill jobs;
  • Analysed competitor presence in the UK labour market;
  • Reviewed and suggested actions for short and long term revision of careers site;
  • Viewed recruitment from a candidate experience and suggested improvements to ATS functionality;
  • Created recruitment promotional material for use in reception areas, trade fairs etc.