Wednesday 25th March. 10am - 2pm

The session will be held at the CIPD Victoria office in London. 

The event will be hosted by Dr Wilson Wong who is Head of Insight and Futures at the CIPD. We will also be joined by Dr Heiko Mauterer from the 4C Group, who is a Senior Partner of the German-based consultancy organisation.

Event details.....

Session objectives.....

  • Show how the ISO HR standards were created by a group comprising of professionals from over 70 countries
  • Raise awareness of the people management tools the ISO and BSI have available;
  • Introduce ISO standard 30414:2018 and gain feedback on potential strategic and practical delivery 
  • Understand, as senior leaders, what the ‘hooks’ are and where the standards could add business value;
  • Discuss the accreditation and assessment process and gain feedback on potential implementation.


  • Participants will hold senior leadership roles in General Management, Finance, Legal and HR.  Whilst this event showcases HR ISO standards we are keen to gain feedback from  range of disciplines. Senior leaders from non-HR roles will add great value to the diversity of thought at the event.


  • The session will be held at the CIPD offices in Victoria. Full details will be sent prior to the event.
  • We will start at 10am and finish by 2pm, lunch will be included.
  • The event is free! 
  • We will be giving each participant a copy of 'Human Capital Management Standards' which is an amazing guide to the ISO and BSI people management frameworks



Dr Wilson Wong

Dr Heiko Mauterer

Dr Heiko Mauterer

Head of Insight and Futures, CIPD


Dr Heiko Mauterer

Dr Heiko Mauterer

Dr Heiko Mauterer

Senior Partner, 4C Group


Richard Frost

Dr Heiko Mauterer

Richard Frost

Senior Practitioner, People Perform

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