Welcome to the people perform enterprise collection

Our Enterprise solutions focus on  larger organisations who need occasional extra support for their talent strategy and people related projects. Our team have wide range of experience gained in UK & international organisations. 

Please see the Enterprise Collection below to view our skills, programmes and support.

The Enterprise collection


We support organisations in developing their employer brand, evolving the employee value proposition through to finding the best routes to acquiring the best talent in those hard to fill individual or high volume roles. 


You can choose from our off the shelf 12 month talent development programme or we can work with you to create your own company wide solution or we can simply slot in to deliver part of your existing programmes. 


We offer a host of psychometrics to fit your need, Hogan HPI & HDS; NEO-PIR; PAPI; Saville Wave; EQi 2.0; Strengthscope; Insights, SHL through to Belbin. We will work with you to agree the best fit and all is combined with the opportunity for coaching. 


Our leader and manager development can be based on 1-1 coaching, team workshops or full programmes. They can include individual or team  psychometrics, working with you to develop bespoke solutions or to deliver an existing product. 


Our team have experience in developing, leading and  delivering solutions that focus on your people, from cultural change to employee engagement. We can support you as a specialist within your projects or we can lead specific projects and programmes. 


We have worked with organisations through periods of organisations change such as mergers and acquisitions, structural changes, evolving cultures. From leading projects to supporting change through communications programmes. 

How we work

We work in partnership with you and understand that every organisation is unique. Call us on 0333 577 1319 for an initial discussion