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Option 1: Business game to align people strategy to business growth.


The session is interactive and a great way to discuss talent attraction, development and retention either one-to-one or as part of a team event.  

This is a facilitated interactive session with you or/and your team to review what you are doing today, your aspirations for the future, establish any gaps and work on a plan to further develop the employee lifecycle.

Have a look at the agenda below and call Kirsty on 0333 577 1319 or email 


This very interactive session creates a business game  environment to build an action plan specific to your business and industry. 

Using a series of questions and business modelling via talent ‘cards’ we create a vision for the future tailored to your organisation.

Step 1. Your business

This part of the agenda is to establish the business vision, goals and the markets you operate in. This is to give context and clarity on business strategy and current people measures and actions.

Step 2. Attract

Here we look at the current challenges the organisation has on attracting talent into the company. Using a series of questions and cards you are guided to prioritise the current challenges you have around culture, brand, recruitment, selection & onboarding. 

Step 3. Develop

Using the same process as attraction we delve deeper into the development of people in the organisation. These are tailored to align to business growth plans. Typical examples in this area would be skills analysis, career pathing, succession planning and coaching.

Step 4. Retain

Most organisations have challenges on retention. The UK employment market is strong and talented people have choices. This part of the session really focuses in on your specific retention issues; is it in your volume jobs or niche roles that you see leavers and what are your business priorities? 

The output of the session is a clear and prioritised action plan that supports business growth. This  process creates clarity and focus from complexity and is a great investment of time.

Download a copy of the slides below so you can see the structure of the session. Also available to download is a great article on data and the relationship between people and business performance. 

option 2. or choose from one of these courses

mate to manager

For those making the challenging transition into a new leadership position this course gives new leaders the skills and confidence to manage others. 

employee engagement

We start with an overview of motivational theories and best practice; then its all about creating the tools to positively influence organisational culture and engagement.

Coaching skills

Giving leaders the knowledge and tools to help themselves and others get the very best performance from individuals and teams.

Performance management

Managing others can be challenging, this course gives the skills and knowledge to manage and increase performance in individuals and teams.

Selection & interviewing

How to attract and select the best people for the job. This course includes common selection skills and tools including assessment centres and competency based interviewing.

Design your own

We have a team of skilled training design professionals who can create the perfect course for you and your team. Give us a call to start the discussion.

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