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Talent Management is a really interesting aspect of leadership and HR. However, the process should be managed to ensure it's fair, ethical and delivers growth to the organisation.

We have included client delivery examples and tools in all areas of talent management from identification, validation, communication and development.

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The Organisation

Large international engineering organisation who wanted to create structure and rigour to their mentoring process. The company wanted to properly evaluate mentoring delivery and outcomes and was aimed at graduates, talent and new starters.

The Challenge

Most organisations have some form of mentoring. Often, this can be informal and success will depend on the ability of the mentor and the relationship chemistry. This project was to bring structure and rigour to this informal process so the organisation could truly test its impact on their talent pipeline. The client wanted a simple and streamlined way of improving what was already happening by giving the skills and the process to the mentors.

The Outcome

The project delivered:

  • A simple mentoring process with success for the mentee as its focus 
  • Mentoring process from choosing partnerships to measuring success
  • Training programme for all mentors including skills and process education
  • Created by our Head of Coaching, Kirsty Brooks, who has a Masters in Coaching; this learning has enabled our client the confidence in the process and training interventions implemented.



The Organisation

A logistics company employing around 3,200 people who wanted to focus on their performance management process and systems. They wanted to improve their performance culture and remove that tick box mind set. Together we created a system called My 15 Minutes, embracing  regular check in meetings and more flexible goal setting and reviewing. 

The Challenges

To create a culture of performance and engagement to enable clear focus and support change within a demanding, mobile and multi-site environment. Review current paperbased application and recommend future best practice performance management process and systems solution. The company has a combination of office and mobile employees, some with limited access to technology. 

The Outcome

Recommendation to introduce regular check in meetings with an online system. 

Cost Benefit analsysis:

  • Reduce voluntary attrition from 26% to 16% industry average with an annual saving of £1.1m

Improve employee engagement that increases engagement with an annual revenue uplift of £1.7m for every 1 point improvement in engagement. 

- Reduced HR administration 



The Organisations

A multi billion dollar global engineering business, this solution was implemented within the UK business unit. 

The Challenges

The business leadership team wanted to initiate a groundbreaking programme to support employees in developing workforce skills and leadership capabilities to boost business performance and better serve customers. The programme also needed to provide a career path and map skills and learning to enable employees the best opportunity to succeed in their chosen career. Current learning was perceived by employees as not being transparent, easy to access or time constraints prevented them from accessing. Leaders felt that employees needed to drive their own learning opportunities by the company providing easy access to learning. 

The Outcome

A branded online learning portfolio branded as Iconnect My Job, providing a competency model,  career path, transparency job descriptions and linking learning to each role. Learning was accessed through an online portal created specifically that could be tracked, providing the business with relevant training data. A communications campaign was deployed to the employees. 

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