be informed of labour availability before you start

The organisations

We have managed a few of these types of projects due to our networks in HR and recruitment across Europe. Some examples of countries and sectors where research has been completed are:

  • Manufacturing / Ukraine
  • Engineering / Spain
  • Logistics / Poland
  • Pharma / Slovakia

The challenge

Everyone will have an opinion on the country where you should try and attract new employees or consider for expansion. These reports are designed to  provide HRD's with the facts on a particular labour market you are considering and recommendations on the way forward. Underpinned by data research we also always speak to locals in the markets we are researching to get the view from those in the market. We are able to do this by leveraging our large network of HRD's and TA Specialists cross Europe.

The outcome

The reports provide:

  • Overview of the country geography, politics and culture. 
  • Economy & industry including migration, education, unemployment, skills etc
  • Potential areas to recruit based on relevant demographics
  • Travel into and out of the UK including legislation, airport routes etc
  • Sourcing channels and routes to labour markets
  • Proposed next steps and research bibliography