People Perform Consulting

We listen and work in partnership

We understand that every business is different, with it’s own individual personality and purpose, we can work with your organisation on tailored solutions and support that helps you to achieve your strategy and future aspirations throughout your entire employee lifecycle.   

Our passion and energy for people is infectious

Passion drives engagement and engagement drives performance and motivation. We support organisations in igniting employees passion and aligning this with your organisational goals. After all, your success is our success!

We can help you transform your business through focusing on your people

Our solutions and services are developed with one thing in mind, your organisations success. Our aim is to support you in your focus on people, developing solutions that fit and impact your bottom and top line. 

Whether you're looking to create your people foundations or build on existing ones, we can help. 

What we do: consultancy

Interim Assignments


Our experience is vast and sometimes organisations and HR teams need that extra support to drive projects across the line or to fill that gap. Having supported businesses in the UK, Europe and globally, we can support on an interim basis and have experience in talent, engagement , talent acquisition, cultural change, performance, HR, learning & development, programme & project management.

Alignment of people strategy


We understand how important it is that organisations create and focus on  a clear business strategy. We also understand that to achieve this strategy, the people need to be on the journey too. Aligning your organisations strategy with a clear people strategy is a clear path to success. Our People Strategy process has been developed to help you identify your future business and people needs and develop a clear strategic action plan to achieve your goals. 

Communicate and engage


Employee engagement is often underestimated in terms of how it can add value to an organisations success. AON published research suggesting that by improving engagement by 1 percentage point, it can improve revenue by up to 0.6%. A compelling reason to focus on engagement! We have supported organisations by understanding current engagement levels  and developing both an engagement and communications plan to increase engagement.

Retaining your employees


Losing good employees is costly, with recruitment costs, skills gaps, customer delivery expectations! As the job market becomes more buoyant and employees have more choice in where they work, it's important that organisations focus on how they not only attract future employees but how they retain their existing workforce. We can help you understand your current retention rates and how you improve future retention of your employees.  

Review your recruitment


Recruitment can be costly, particularly if you're only utilising recruitment agencies. We have spent many years working with organisations to develop clear workforce plans that help you manage your recruitment budget,  creating direct sourcing models that reach the right target audience and developing preferred supplier lists that engage the right recruitment agencies that work with your business when it may be a little difficult to recruit directly.

Manager & leader development


Having the right leaders can make a business! We support organisations in developing managers and leaders that enable growth, manage change and guide in demonstrating the right qualities, behaviours and competency to deliver their role well. Each development activity is specifically tailored to your organisation, whether that be team coaching, building, facilitation or learning a new skill, we work with you to guide and design one off activities or long term programs



Years of experience has taught us that we all need a little one to one support occasionally and that we all have different needs. Whether that be executive leadership, manager, team member or talent. Our coaching process has helped all levels of employees to understand their styles, personal impact, values, branding and develop future skills and behaviours that enable them to achieve success or sometimes change direction. We can combine psychometric testing, 360 feedback and other tools to support the process. 

Develop a performance culture


It's not just about implementing a new Performance Management System, driving a process to ensure completion or setting annual goals. By developing a performance culture that employees and managers buy in to, you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation and get our biggest assets focused and motivated to drive towards the success of the organisation. We have helped organisations understand their performance requirements, identify solutions and embed systems that fit. 

Talent Management


Our processes can help you identify and manage talent and can be supported by our talent programs. We have worked with organisations to design and implement talent programs that have a long lasting effect. Or if you're looking for a more cost affective approach, we can introduce the Aiming Higher talent program that has been tried and tested in developing groups of identified talent in management, leadership, professional branding and organisational skills that they need for the future.