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case studies

Supporting UK SME's


The UK SME's have unique challenges around the attraction, engagement, development and retention of key talent. We have helped a number of smaller organisations address very specific issues from the employee life cycle for SME's.

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Supporting those who have been made redundant is what great businesses do! We help give confidence to others in their job searches with passion, pace and empathy. We have only one thing in mind to get them the job they deserve through coaching and contacts.

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We have carried out HR related research for a varied list of topics! We spend the time researching so you make the right decisions. Take a look to see where we have helped others get the right information for great decision making.

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Talent Acquisition


TA review

A project for a UK-wide distribution organisation who wanted to improve the attraction of talented people into their organisation.  This project reviewed current sourcing channels, competitor best practices and applicant tracking functionality.

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Country labour reviews


Informed decision making

We have completed various projects for firms looking at labour availability for their UK business or potential expansion abroad. These projects have been completed across sectors for a variety of European countries.

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Mentoring programme


Mentoring programme

This project, for an international engineering organisation, created a clear and measurable mentoring process. The project included creating all documentation and training notes required for launch for mentors and mentees alike.

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Performance Management


My 15 minutes

We recently worked with a logistics company employing around 3,200 people who wanted to focus on their performance management process and systems. They wanted to improve their performance culture and remove that tick box mind set. Together we created a system called My 15 Minutes, embracing  regular check in meetings and more flexible goal setting and reviewing. 

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Developing a learning culture


Iconnect - My Job Hub

Developed within a UK Building Services company, the Iconnect MyJOB site was developed to incorporate a career path model, learning and development catalogue, all the information you need to perform in current role and look to the next role. Fully integrated in to an employee communications online site to drive footfall and communications. 

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Talent Development Program


Aiming Higher Talent Program

A global, multi biliion dollar  company struggled to retain and develop talent as the job market became more buoyant. We developed a 12 month talent development program that included real life business projects that provided tangible business outcomes and encouraged cross functional networking. Identified talent retention rates improved to 97%.

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Employee Engagement


Survey, act, improve, measure

Working with a UK organisation who wanted to understand current employee engagement levels and implement a plan for sustainable improvement. We introduced the pulse survey concept so that the organisation could create plans and improve by making data driven decisions. 

Developing a People Strategy


Linking the business and people strategy

We are often guilty of focusing on the business strategy that includes operational excellence, sales excellence, business process and financials. But we sometimes struggle to tie in the people element that can more often than not be the foundations to success. Using the strategy deployment model, we enable the link between business and people strategy.

You can't not communicate!


We supported in improving internal and manager communications

Effective communications can impact retentions, employee engagement, team performance, employee/manager relationships, the list is endless! More often than not, we move in to management and leadership roles not having support in developing these skills. Organisations don't often have the internal support to focus on internal communications.