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Attracting the right talent is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the UK

To employ the best people within your organisation, you need to attract them. And that requires more than a well-written advert and a competitive package.  People Perform ensure your company is perceived, promoted, packaged and positioned to attract the best.

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what we do


We can maximise your employer brand reputation, helping your organisation stand out against the competition and giving you the edge in attracting the highest calibre candidates.


People Perform will identify how you can improve your EVP, ensuring you attract and retain the best people for your organisation.


Reduce your recruitment costs by improving the efficiency of the hiring process and the applicant management process


Our labour market reviews give you quantifiable data, so you can identify where the appropriate talent sits and how to attract it to your organisation.


Knowing what skills you are going to need - and when - is crucial to achieving the overall business objectives. With workforce planning, we help you to improve organisational responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, retain critical skills, facilitate knowledge transfer and focus employee development.


Our Talent Insights package looks at every aspect of the end-to-end recruitment process. Whether you’re looking for an overview of the entire process or a detailed training session on one particular element, we have the expertise and experience to support you.

our delivery



The Organisation

A UK-wide distribution business with over 150 open vacancies and strong competition for talent via global brands and local SME's. 

The Challenge

Whilst a fantastic organisation with great people our client has very similar pressures than almost every other business; finding great people. They operate in a challenging and fluid employment market. They compete against global brands and local SME’s. This adds a complexity that requires recruitment to be reactive and fast-paced whilst aware and plan for the potential impacts on TA strategy.

The Outcome

Created a practical action orientated report in just 10 days that:

  • Re-wrote job adverts for all key positions;
  • Suggested new sourcing channels for hard to fill jobs;
  • Analysed competitor presence in the UK labour market;
  • Reviewed and suggested actions for short and long term revision of careers site;
  • Viewed recruitment from a candidate experience and suggested improvements to ATS functionality;
  • Created recruitment promotional material for use in reception areas, trade fairs etc.



The Organisations

We have managed a few of these types of projects due to our networks in HR and recruitment across Europe. Some examples of countries and sectors where research has been completed are:

  • Manufacturing / Ukraine
  • Engineering / Spain
  • Logistics / Poland
  • Pharma / Slovakia

The Challenges

Everyone will have an opinion on the country where you should try and attract new employees or consider for expansion. These reports are designed to  provide HRD's with the facts on a particular labour market you are considering and recommendations on the way forward. Underpinned by data research we also always speak to locals in the markets we are researching to get the view from those in the market. We are able to do this by leveraging our large network of HRD's and TA Specialists cross Europe.

The Outcome

The reports provide:

  • Overview of the country geography, politics and culture. 
  • Economy & industry including migration, education, unemployment, skills etc
  • Potential areas to recruit based on relevant demographics
  • Travel into and out of the UK including legislation, airport routes etc
  • Sourcing channels and routes to labour markets
  • Proposed next steps and research bibliography



The Organisations

We have delivered Talent Acquisition reviews across a range of industries. The needs are common and you will be surprised how much can be achieved in a relatively small amount of time,

The Challenges

Most clients want to bring clarity to their employer brand and value proposition. In most cases some work already exists and our role has been to review current state, benchmark that against the clients future vision and suggest actions and strategies to achieve those goals. 

We typically use three steps; 

  1. Understand desired vision and current state via data diagnostics, process and messages
  2. Understand the employees view on current EVP via focus groups
  3. Create a report with conclusions and recommendations for next steps

The Outcome

The objective of the these reports is to deliver a diagnostic report that  helps our clients  attract and retain the right talent by analysing current brand and EVP and proposing improvements. Typically a report will contain:

  • Record the desired future vision of employee brand and value proposition;
  • Document the current status of the clients employee brand and value proposition using quantitative and qualitative data;
  • State the common threads, differences and trends in EVP across the organisation;
  • Employer brand diagnostic report. This uses quantitative and qualitative data internally and externally to the client organisation. 
  • Employee Value Proposition review. Current state via existing policies, processes and culture. 
  • Propose actions and next steps to progress project delivery

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